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Creative Dance

This general dance class explores rhythm and coordination through the basics of ballet, children's literature, costumes, props, and imagination play.  Fun for all students ages 2-6 no matters the end goal!

Fall 2019 theme: Beauty & the Beast!

CD 1

Ages 2-3New   Mon   4:30-5:15PM       Kaylene

Ages 2-3New   Fri       9:15-10:00AM    Katie

Ages 2-3New   Sat     11:15-12:00PM   Kaylene

CD 2

Ages 3Ret-4New   Mon   6:00-6:45PM       Tina

Ages 3Ret-4New   Tue     5:45-6:30PM       Courtney

Ages 3Ret-4New   Fri      10:00-10:45AM   Katie

Ages 3Ret-4New   Sat     10:30-11:15AM   Kaylene

CD 3

Ages 4Ret-5New   Mon   6:45-7:30PM       Tina

Ages 4Ret-5New   Thu     5:00-5:45PM       Tina

Ages 4Ret-5New   Fri      10:45-11:30AM   Katie

Ages 4Ret-5New   Sat     9:00-9:45AM       Kaylene

CD 4

Ages 5Ret-6New   Mon  6:45-7:30PM      Kaylene

Ages 5Ret-6New   Tue    6:15-7:00PM      Kaylene

Ages 5Ret-6New   Thu    5:45-6:30PM      Tina

Ages 5Ret-6New   Sat    9:45-10:30AM    Kaylene 

Creative Dance/Tap Combo

Beg     Ages 3-4    Mon   4:00-5:00PM     Tina

Beg     Ages 5-6    Mon   5:00-6:00PM     Tina