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Blood in the Water!
Wyndham Roped into Murder Trial

Has Fitness Icon BROOKE WYNDHAM has gone from killer workouts to killing husbands?

That's the question we are asking ourselves as we begin proceedings for the newest celebrity scandal this week.  Thousands of hardcore fans are crying out, some in defense of Mrs. Wyndham, some against her, and some because they just finished the Wyndham Workout Disk 2 Challenge®.

What we do know:  Paramedics, responding to a 911 Call, found Mrs. Wyndham covered in the blood of her deceased husband in the foyer of their Massachusetts estate on Thursday Morning.  Police arriving second on the scene took Mrs. Wyndham into custody as a person of interest.  The only other persons on the premises during the time in question was the recently deceased's daughter, CHUTNEY WYNDHAM, who had this to say.

"My beloved father made the biggest mistake of his life, marrying that evil gold digger.  She shot him in cold blood!  I didn't see or hear the gunshot because I was taking a shower...  But I KNOW she did it!"

Mrs. Wyndham is reported to be retaining the law services of Stidwell, Zyskowsky, Fox & Callahan for her defense.  Other notable faces we're expecting to see are:  Our very own D.A. JOYCE RILEY, her ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY, Brooke's friend: DANA, Her pool boy: NIKOS ARGITAKOS, his "best" friend: CARLOS, the Honorable JUDGE, The BALIFF, The COURT STENOGRAPHER, and of course, me!  Your intrepid Boston Legal Times NEWS REPORTER!

Will Brooke be sent to jail?  Stay tuned to find out!

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