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Character Breakdown

  • AMELIA and ABIGAIL - Two bold geese sisters who rescue O'Malley from the river and lead the way out of the country back to Paris. These comedic characters sing a duet. 

  • DUCHESS - Elegant and nurturing mother of the Aristokittens.

  • EDGAR - Villainous butler of Madame. He's allergic to the pampered Aristocats and secretly hates tending to them. 

  • GENERAL NAPOLEON and PRIVATE LAFAYETTE - General Napoleon and Private Lafayette are two country dogs in a comedic power struggle throughout the show. Napoleon is the power-hungry leader and Lafayette the not-so-subservient private. 

  • MADAME - Madame is the eccentric and kind human owner of the Aristocats who loves her pets more than anything else in the world. 

  • MARIE - Spirited and sassy daughter of Duchess. She is the youngest child and a charmer just like her mother.

  • ROQUEFORT - Roquefort is the naïve yet ultimately brave house mouse who overcomes his fears and saves the Aristokittens from Edgar.

  • SCAT CAT - Jazzy leader of the Alley Cat narrators. He or she is ultra hip and enjoys introducing the Aristocats to jazz music. Scat Cat leads the song "Ev'rybody Wants to Be a Cat,"

  • THE ALLEY CATS - HEP, MAD, SLICK and WACKY - These storytellers set up and comment on the action. These roles require actors with strong speaking voices who can focus onstage for long periods of time. 

  • THOMAS O'MALLEY - Charming and charismatic lead alley cat. He lives as a free spirit with no attachments but secretly desires to be part of a family. This role requires a strong actor, singer, and mover. 

  • TOULOUSE and BERLIOZ - Duchess's sons. Toulouse yearns to be seen as tougher than he is. Berlioz is usually very quiet but mischievous.

  • VICHY and SOISSE - Two privates in the dog army who report to General Napoleon.