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Character Breakdown

  • CRUELLA DE VIL - Cruella is the rich, fashion-forward antagonist of the story who harbors a penchant for puppy fur. Ruthless and impulsive, she should command the stage with dramatic flair and brassiness.

  • ROGER -  Roger, married to Anita, is the soft-spoken yet confident composer and owner of Pongo and Perdita. His relaxed form of leadership acts as a contrast to the frenetic Cruella

  • ANITA -  Anita, wife of Roger, is a sweet and nurturing painter whose kind disposition acts as a stark contrast to Cruella's cruelty.

  • HORACE & JASPER -  Horace and Jasper, Cruella’s two henchmen for hire, provide the show’s comic relief à la Abbott and Costello or Laurel and Hardy.

  • PERDITA & PONGO -  Perdita and Pongo, the puppies’ parents, have similar dispositions to their owners, Roger and Anita.

  • LUCKY, PATCH, PENNY & PEPPER - Perdita and Pongo’s funny and spirited pups.

  • NANNY - Nanny is the warm yet outspoken housekeeper to Roger and Anita.

  • DOGS OF LONDON - The Dogs of London include the Boxers, Scotties, Poodles, and Chihuahuas that assist Perdita and Pongo in saving their puppies.

  • BOXER, SCOTTIE, POODLE & CHIHUAHUA NARRATORS - Boxer Narrator, Scottie Narrator, Poodle Narrator, and Chihuahua Narrator help to tell the story and are part of your Dogs of London (see above).

  • FRECKLES & SPOTTY - Freckles and Spotty, two Dalmatian puppies stolen by Cruella.

  • SERGEANT TIBBS - Sergeant Tibbs is the army cat that rallies the Dogs of London to rescue the puppies.

  • POLICE OFFICER - The Police Officer arrests the villains at the end of the show.

  • DOGCATCHER -  The Dogcatcher appears at show’s end to dramatically remove Cruella from the scene.

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