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Character Breakdown

  • DELORIS VAN CARTIER - A strong, street- wise aspiring singer who gets caught up with the wrong crowd. When she witnesses a crime involving her ex-boyfriend, she is put in witness protection – as a nun! Deloris is reluctant at first, but the more time she spends at the convent, the more she realizes that time with the sisters is exactly what she needed.

  • TINA, NINA, ELLE & MICHELLE - Deloris’s backup singers. A terrifically fabulous girl group.

  • CURTIS JACKSON - To put it frankly, a complete jerk. He’s not only mean and dishonest, he’s also dangerous – and he’s got Deloris on his radar. 

  • JOEY - The wise guy of Curtis’s group. He’s an upbeat charmer who is always ready with a joke – even though he’s one of Curtis’s criminals.

  • TJ - Not the brightest bulb in the bunch, and the audience is meant to have a few laughs at his expense. 

  • PABLO - The strong, silent type who definitely leans into his role as the muscle of the group.

  • ERNIE - One of Curtis’s thugs and, unfortunately, takes the fall for being a police informant.

  • EDDIE SOUTHER - The quintessential good guy with a heart of gold. Though Eddie was overlooked by Deloris in high school, he never quite got over his crush on her, which results in a few awkwardly endearing moments throughout the show.

  • MOTHER SUPERIOR - Devoted leader of the convent. Her church and her sisters come before all else – and she’s not afraid to voice her opinion. Mother Superior means well and eventually comes around regarding Deloris.

  • MONSIGNOR O'HARA - The charming spiritual leader of the Queen of Angels Cathedral. His bottom line is to save their church, and hemwill do anything to support the bottom line – including forcing Mother Superior to house Deloris.

  • MARY PATRICK - A nun in the convent. She is an upbeat, over-the-top, enthusiastic person who is always looking on the bright side.

  • MARY ROBERT - A postulant and the youngest of the abbey’s inhabitants. Shy, soft- spoken, and a bit of a wallflower, she enjoys being a nun, but her friendship with Deloris lets her truly find her voice.

  • MARY LAZARUS - One of the older nuns at the convent, and she leads the choir. She is rather deadpan and not particularly welcoming to Deloris at first, though Deloris’s love of music eventually wins her over.

  • MARY MARTIN-OF-TOURS - A nun who definitely exists in her own world.  This nun has some wonderful stand-out moments, which include delivering an excellent karate chop, 

  • MARY CELESTE & MARY IRENE - Mary Celeste and Mary Irene are the convent’s cooks.

  • MARY STEPHEN - A nun in the convent with a fantastic singing voice. She’s supportive of Deloris’s music from the start.

  • ENSEMBLE - Roles include: additional Nuns, Altar Boys, Street People, Angry Street Person, and Members of the Congregation 

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