Katie Belden




Katie began training as an aerialist in 2015 and completed her teaching certification in 2016. She is always reminding her aerial students about the importance of “excellence over perfection” and loves progressing her beginning students through the foundational skills of aerial silks.


As a former skydiver and rock climber, she is usually more comfortable up in the air than on the ground. Katie loves discovering new ways to express herself creatively, and is always up to something artistic, both in the studio and out.


She loves to paint, build, and design. Her husband Josh is a fantastic swing dancer and they do occasionally team up for collaborative dance productions.

Brittany Kitchen



Brittany has been training in aerial since the fall of 2013 and currently holds three aerial teaching certifications with Aerial Physique and Cirq-Fit.


She has an additional five years of gymnastics, coaching and spotting experience. Her apparatus of choice are aerial silks, hammock (or sling), and lyra.


Teaching aerial arts holds a very special place in her heart because it allows Brittany to combine her love for teaching with her passion for movement and physical fitness. Also, Brittany believes in creating a supportive and fun-loving environment within every class.

She strive for every student to leave her class feeling both challenged and successful.

If you’re looking for a fun alternative way to get fit, come "fly" with Brittany.

Meaghan McCready




Meaghan McCready began performing aerial in August 2013. She started teaching aerial classes in June 2015 and received teacher training through IATTP certified instructor Ruby Karen at Orange County Aerial Arts and through Jill Franklin at Aerial Physique.


Meaghan has taught a wide range of classes including intro, beginning, and intermediate silks, aerial hoop, aerial hammock, and dynamic drops. She has a background in Irish Step Dance and some former training in ballet and jazz.


Her training, high energy, and positivity make any class that she teaches a fun and safe experience for her students!

Shanna Milano


Shanna started taking aerial classes in college when her dance instructor, Amy Querin, had come back from certification in 2012.


Shanna always thought the art was so beautiful and wanted to try to be graceful, not realizing the strength and flexibility that would also come along with it. She took aerial classes as often as she could and even started performing with NoCo shortly after.


Shanna became a certified instructor on silks, hammock, and hoop in 2015 after teaching classes through Fresno Dance Collective at California Arts Academy where her aerial practice started.


She has continued on to be an employee at Cal Arts by instructing aerial and says the experience is very rewarding.

Kelly Replogle


Kelly’s aerial training began in 2013, and she has been teaching aerial since 2016. With a focus on conditioning and strength training, she constantly challenges her aerial students to excel as they progress through the program.


She is currently the Aerial Arts Director for California Arts Academy and helps to keep our aerial program running smoothly.


Her graceful strength is her trademark and is apparent in all that she does, both in and out of the studio. She recently took on the role of new mom to a sweet baby girl, Abigail.

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